Monthly Archives: July 2005

The 6 Mix

Well I spent last weekend remixing Jam6. It was fun to figure out new ways to look at existing parts and rework them. Remarkably a violin moved down an octave and slowed down to half speed ends up sounding an awful like a cello… well you will have to take a listen and see if [...]

Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary

My Reception on the 9th was a great success. I have really enjoyed being over at Aroma Cafe. I like having a show for more than a month, it really gives me a chance to be seen. I am hoping to get some people from work to come to Aroma over the lunch hour.
Anyway I [...]

Jam 6

Well I had a friend from college, Ben, come for a visit. We got to enjoy the demo rides over at Andrae’s Harley Davidson. They weren’t very busy… and Ben and I were able to ride just about all the bikes they had to ride. My favorite would have to be the Softail Deluxe…. Beautiful!
 Anyway [...]