Monthly Archives: September 2005

Jam 9, The Video

I put together a little video shot by my digital camera and worked it into Jam 9. It was fun to put together images and music. It was a great opportunity to try out the video features of Cakewalk SONAR. So I hope you all enjoy my little artsy video and music.



Download JAM 9 Music [...]

To end

I watch on a blue screen as a yellow stripe inches its way across my screen. Its my hard drive I’m watching as it disappears into exploding 1’s and 0’s. It may be sad that in order to get a fresh start you have to erase or wipe out everything that stands in the way [...]

Jam 8

I finally have used my 4 day weekends for something. I took this monday to put together another jam. So enjoy.
Download JAM 8

Savoy Recreation Center

Well I set up my work at the Savoy Rec Center 9/2/05. And I have to say I like the opportunity to have my work displayed as it should be. Within a working environment where it exists as an accent to peoples everyday lives. I never felt that my work should be some ground shaking [...]