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Bright Spot {Music Project}

Bright Spot is an instrumental music piece that I have been working on since December. For those of you that can’t wait until this is recorded I have gone ahead and created a General Midi File that will play on your on board synth… So be sure to turn up the synth volume on your control panel. Here is the Prelude{Sunset}~6min D Major” Midi file. Remember this is a Draft and I guessed as best that I can at the GM synth sounds your sound card’s synth may not sound the same as mine… the Prelude has a GBGD Motif continually throughout the prelude that gradually speeds up and then slows down as the “Sun” dips below the horizon.

Bright Spot will be comprised of:

Prelude{Sunset}~6min D Major

Part 1{Reset}~10min F Major

Part 2{no Working Title}~12min B Minor

Part 3{Longing} ~Still in process B flat Major

Postlude {Sunrise} ~not begun, D Major/Minor?

I guess that I don’t know what to say about these pieces, but I have come to a point in the work where I want to do work that I like, that speaks about who I am and the way that my mind works. I have chosen to have my work represent myself, with respect to the history of music, but not bound by it.  I have been trying to work on phrases and sections that represent a repetitive thought in my ADD addled brain.  Since I believe that my prose does not seem to convey how my mind works or puts thoughts together, I will have to use my music and art to pull these desperate thoughts together.  Amidst existing thoughts that won’t let go {Melody/Chord Phrases} I will add other elements to compliment the repeating thought, sometimes my thoughts are like a song stuck in your head… Or so I can guess.  I don’t need to make everyone happy with my work… but I should always be creating work that makes me satisfied.  I want this music to be escapist {Function: noun/adjective: habitual diversion of the mind to purely imaginative activity or entertainment as an escape from reality or routine}*sorry, just love definitions*  ANYWAY… I’ve said too much….  Please let me know if you like the the Prelude and I may just put out some more files before I get everything recorded, which I hope will happen before It gets warm…. I need to get back to my Failed Poems Project.

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