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  • All Your Clothes Still Smell Like Gasoline

    It’s been a while since I have posted anything to this blog. It has been a while since I have had anything to write that was interesting about what SvenMusic is doing.  I have created a section of SvenMusic called V O T it is an offshoot that focuses only on remixing. The first project [...]

    The Cycle of the Seasons

    Well that was a lot of words! I have completed the lyrics to the “4 Seasons.” They may not be perfect, but nothing ever is… The seasons became more about relationships as a continuous cycle and yet even as a cycle I can see it as a straight line over the course of a romantic [...]

    Four Seasons, not Vivaldi

    I am working on an SSAA Choir Piece for the Nordic Voices – Chicago, this is my first commissioned piece that I have ever had… I have some mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, I really am grateful for the opportunity to share my choir pieces with an audience. On the other hand, I [...]

    Bright Spot {Finished}

    Bright Spot:
    © 2010 SvenMusic

    Intro (1m00s)
    Prelude—Sunset (6m33s)
    Part 1—Reset (10m43s)
    Part 2—Progress (13m45s)
    Part 3—Longing (10m36s)
    Postlude—Sunrise (10m01s)
    Outro (1m00s)

    To me “Bright Spot” is the hope, the dream, that we all have, a goal of sorts.  The piece is comprised of themes that demonstrate the idea of a bright spot that we all strive towards.  The Sunset, the [...]

    The Old is New Again

    I just posted on my Past Projects page a song that I wrote for my wife back in 2002:
    “Little Darling”
    Also 2 remixes:

    Remix 1 – “Dance All Night Remix“
    Remix 2 – “Rock It Remix“

    On the home page I uploaded “Candela” from a 2003 project, this can be played on the MP3 Player on the [...]

    2010 {Failed} Artist Statement

    Inevitably, projects begin to intersect.  In the midst of the work that I continue to work on, my life dictates the work that I perform and execute.  In 2007 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. My work took a back seat.  There was a most evident threat: cancer, our lives, [...]

    Blast from the Past-”Tartuffe” Theatre Soundtrack-Performance 1997

    While attending Trinity Christian College I wrote the soundtrack to the student theater production of “Tartuffe” in April 1997, Directed by Ken DeWyn. It is really great to revisit works that I have done over the years… now totaling over 250 pieces… Most of them [...]

    Bright Spot {Music Project}

    Bright Spot is an instrumental music piece that I have been working on since December. For those of you that can’t wait until this is recorded I have gone ahead and created a General Midi File that will play on your on board synth… So be sure to turn up the synth volume on your [...]

    This is the {Last { and }First} Day of My Life.

    a void is in fact a space of lacking


    More time spent in the music studio.  I like having no real set plan, although, I am looking to have 5 pieces–same instrumentation–about 10 minutes each.  I want to create music that makes the mind wander.  I spend most of the time stressing and not enough relaxing so, I want to create music that takes [...]