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Four Seasons, not Vivaldi

I am working on an SSAA Choir Piece for the Nordic Voices – Chicago, this is my first commissioned piece that I have ever had… I have some mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, I really am grateful for the opportunity to share my choir pieces with an audience. On the other hand, I am terrified that maybe I don’t know what I am doing and I am just wasting the Choir’s time.  Either way, I have to do this, celebrated or not.  The concept of the choir piece is 4 movements = 4 seasons… OK not super original… But the words will be original. 4 Poems based on the seasons and the cycle they represent:

Spring –Renewal/Regret F Major

Summer-Comfort/Consequence D Major

Fall- Splendor/Suffering C# Minor

Winter- Completion/Contemplation D Minor/F Major

I have completed the poem for Spring and here it is:

Spring –Renewal/Regret

In whispered quiet the gentle green growth waits

Breaks forth to life like souls to Heaven’s Gate

Renew life from winter’s cold, dark embrace

Bring us to hope and light without a trace

Sparkling dew drips down the driving grass stems

We will take this moment to make amends

Light breathes with great urgency to arrive

We move towards the fresh air of our new life

New life begins what nature has ended

Renewal of old life represented

Cast away the skulking ghosts of the past

Failing to forget the present cannot last

Taking this, the gift of hope we now own

Forgotten are the frigid winds that blow

When the earth is browned and dormant sleep

The breath of Spring we shall forever keep

I am also having an issue with the order of the movements.  Should it start with Spring and end with Winter, or start with Winter and end with spring?  Who knows how I will complete this task, I just know that I wish I could take a couple weeks off and eat, sleep, breathe, the choir pieces.  But everyone knows real life isn’t like that… and so we must continue to try. I am hoping to complete this work by February.

The piece will be around 15-20 minutes in length and will apparently be awesome once completed.  Sometimes I forget to tell myself these things. I will update as this piece progresses.

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