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Cross My Heart and Hope to Die/Stick a Needle in My Eye

I remember when you told me the news                I know that there is no turning back
It’s only an option I can’t refuse
You were straight faced with nothing less             the words have no meaning
Like a picture taken without a photo lens              and I will have to deal with the punishment

Please promise me you won’t die
Even [...]

Don’t let this be the last memory of me {Failed Moment}

Fighting the good fight
or even the questionable fight
Seems we’ll never be able to let it go
I am so afraid of not knowing
The last moment that I have
Leaving you and leaving me
I know that we can only wish
To leave something greater
Really that’s all we ever want
To be more than the sum of our parts
I’d be happy [...]

2010 {Failed} Artist Statement

Inevitably, projects begin to intersect.  In the midst of the work that I continue to work on, my life dictates the work that I perform and execute.  In 2007 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. My work took a back seat.  There was a most evident threat: cancer, our lives, [...]

Failed Poems {failure is a success}

Odd, failing is, failing was, failing will be.

I’ve had my moments of completion… Last weekend I was so close to smashing the assembled boxes and plexi boxes. Not that I am displeased with my results–granted I am not happy with the results, they could be better–but I sense the fact that the pieces [...]

Day 4: Failed Poems Project

Here’s a pic of the inside of box 1.  I am not sure if I am happy with it but I am sick of this box and I have moved on to the next box.  Maybe I will come back and rework this box later.  For some reason, titles seem pretty worthless right now.

Above are [...]