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2010 {Failed} Artist Statement

Inevitably, projects begin to intersect.  In the midst of the work that I continue to work on, my life dictates the work that I perform and execute.  In 2007 my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. My work took a back seat.  There was a most evident threat: cancer, our lives, [...]

Darkness {failed light}

It is not the darkness that I am afraid of
it is living in the darkness forever
the darkness is happy to have me
and I am happy to have it
the light is the miser I can never negotiate
I will never hold on long enough to make it so
there is nothing I can say to take back [...]

Day 5: Failed Poems Project {contemplation}

I’ve talked with another artist friend about this project and he suggested that I look at Art Brut.  Although I have had training, I still feel lost in a world that seems to have no place for me.  So the question remains, why do I even bother?  Because at a certain point it comes down [...]

Failed Poems Stuff

Just thought I would add this to stuff I will use with the Failed Poems project:
But funny enough on its side it looks like a robot ready to hug you…. OR DESTROY YOU!!!!

I find it interesting that the symmetry of the Carboplatin model makes it look so easy.  When we go back to the [...]

Day 3: Failed Poems Project

Well I was able to assemble one box [sorta] and see what the images and poems inside look like.  I still am rethinking the “front door” hinge.  I can’t tell how good everything will look once it is complete.  Although I am sure that I will be very sick of pink once this is over.  [...]

Progress: Failed Poems Project, Day 2

In addition  to the Failed Poems Boxes, there is also a Failed Poems [Framed].  These are images on plexi that will overlap one another in order to create depth.  The image First Layer: Simple Bilateral Mastectomy [unfinished] is a dividing cancer cell which will be framed an inch in front of the Second Layer: [...]

Progress: Failed Poems Project, Day 1

First day…. It was tough to just get everything together.  I was able to put together 4 boxes. It took all day.  I realize that I am going to have write something for the inside of the boxes.  I also thought of dropping a clear piece of plexi through the middle of the box, perpendicular [...]

Boxes of Failed Poems

Is Cancer a failed poem?