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Darkness {failed light}

It is not the darkness that I am afraid of
it is living in the darkness forever
the darkness is happy to have me
and I am happy to have it
the light is the miser I can never negotiate
I will never hold on long enough to make it so
there is nothing I can say to take back [...]

My meter is broken {couplets are broken} I Failed the Poem

My skin pressed up against your flesh
as if we are of the same mind and desire
Keep the doubts and fears to the left of right
I just can’t be here with you tonight

There are better things than this
my life lit up with a reset
and its like a reject button
like a factory line production

I’d like [...]

Day 3: Failed Poems Project

Well I was able to assemble one box [sorta] and see what the images and poems inside look like.  I still am rethinking the “front door” hinge.  I can’t tell how good everything will look once it is complete.  Although I am sure that I will be very sick of pink once this is over.  [...]

Boxes of Failed Poems

Is Cancer a failed poem?