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I had dreams and I had so many memories
and more and more I see less and less of them
it is a corruption of what I had planned with you
its the frayed edges of belief that I can never hem

She says she can’t breathe and I am holding too tight
I could lose everything I once had [...]

This is the {Last { and }First} Day of My Life.

a void is in fact a space of lacking

My meter is broken {couplets are broken} I Failed the Poem

My skin pressed up against your flesh
as if we are of the same mind and desire
Keep the doubts and fears to the left of right
I just can’t be here with you tonight

There are better things than this
my life lit up with a reset
and its like a reject button
like a factory line production

I’d like [...]

Day 5: Failed Poems Project {contemplation}

I’ve talked with another artist friend about this project and he suggested that I look at Art Brut.  Although I have had training, I still feel lost in a world that seems to have no place for me.  So the question remains, why do I even bother?  Because at a certain point it comes down [...]

Failed Poems Project

I realize that I spend too much time trying to avoid failures instead of just saying “Screw it” and move on.