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The Cycle of the Seasons

Well that was a lot of words! I have completed the lyrics to the “4 Seasons.” They may not be perfect, but nothing ever is… The seasons became more about relationships as a continuous cycle and yet even as a cycle I can see it as a straight line over the course of a romantic [...]

Day 6: {after too long} Failed Poems Work

It was nice to get back into the studio again after so many months.  So far I am pleased with the work that I have done.  I have evolved in my process a little, which only brings me closer to the clinical side of this endeavor.  In order to keep the plexi from getting finger [...]

Sweetness and Sour

I haven’t forgotten the sweetness
or the reason we were together
too many things have been taken away

its as if all of creation has become corrupt
with no choice of escaping and it comes in 5 days
with time off for good behavior

The sadness grips me in a different way each time,
Just like my contentment
Or my commitment

What have I [...]

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die/Stick a Needle in My Eye

I remember when you told me the news                I know that there is no turning back
It’s only an option I can’t refuse
You were straight faced with nothing less             the words have no meaning
Like a picture taken without a photo lens              and I will have to deal with the punishment

Please promise me you won’t die
Even [...]

Bright Spot {Finished}

Bright Spot:
© 2010 SvenMusic

Intro (1m00s)
Prelude—Sunset (6m33s)
Part 1—Reset (10m43s)
Part 2—Progress (13m45s)
Part 3—Longing (10m36s)
Postlude—Sunrise (10m01s)
Outro (1m00s)

To me “Bright Spot” is the hope, the dream, that we all have, a goal of sorts.  The piece is comprised of themes that demonstrate the idea of a bright spot that we all strive towards.  The Sunset, the [...]

Have we Failed {hope} or has {hope} Failed us?

[HOPE - Despair] 2 = [Situation]3 / [(Contentment /Loss - Gains) * Self esteem ]

Darkness {failed light}

It is not the darkness that I am afraid of
it is living in the darkness forever
the darkness is happy to have me
and I am happy to have it
the light is the miser I can never negotiate
I will never hold on long enough to make it so
there is nothing I can say to take back [...]

My meter is broken {couplets are broken} I Failed the Poem

My skin pressed up against your flesh
as if we are of the same mind and desire
Keep the doubts and fears to the left of right
I just can’t be here with you tonight

There are better things than this
my life lit up with a reset
and its like a reject button
like a factory line production

I’d like [...]

Failed Poems {failure is a success}

Odd, failing is, failing was, failing will be.

I’ve had my moments of completion… Last weekend I was so close to smashing the assembled boxes and plexi boxes. Not that I am displeased with my results–granted I am not happy with the results, they could be better–but I sense the fact that the pieces [...]