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The Cycle of the Seasons

Well that was a lot of words! I have completed the lyrics to the “4 Seasons.” They may not be perfect, but nothing ever is… The seasons became more about relationships as a continuous cycle and yet even as a cycle I can see it as a straight line over the course of a romantic [...]

Four Seasons, not Vivaldi

I am working on an SSAA Choir Piece for the Nordic Voices – Chicago, this is my first commissioned piece that I have ever had… I have some mixed feelings about it.  On one hand, I really am grateful for the opportunity to share my choir pieces with an audience. On the other hand, I [...]

Cross My Heart and Hope to Die/Stick a Needle in My Eye

I remember when you told me the news                I know that there is no turning back
It’s only an option I can’t refuse
You were straight faced with nothing less             the words have no meaning
Like a picture taken without a photo lens              and I will have to deal with the punishment

Please promise me you won’t die
Even [...]

Don’t let this be the last memory of me {Failed Moment}

Fighting the good fight
or even the questionable fight
Seems we’ll never be able to let it go
I am so afraid of not knowing
The last moment that I have
Leaving you and leaving me
I know that we can only wish
To leave something greater
Really that’s all we ever want
To be more than the sum of our parts
I’d be happy [...]

This is the {Last { and }First} Day of My Life.

a void is in fact a space of lacking

My meter is broken {couplets are broken} I Failed the Poem

My skin pressed up against your flesh
as if we are of the same mind and desire
Keep the doubts and fears to the left of right
I just can’t be here with you tonight

There are better things than this
my life lit up with a reset
and its like a reject button
like a factory line production

I’d like [...]

Failed Poems Stuff

Just thought I would add this to stuff I will use with the Failed Poems project:
But funny enough on its side it looks like a robot ready to hug you…. OR DESTROY YOU!!!!

I find it interesting that the symmetry of the Carboplatin model makes it look so easy.  When we go back to the [...]

Progress: Failed Poems Project, Day 2

In addition  to the Failed Poems Boxes, there is also a Failed Poems [Framed].  These are images on plexi that will overlap one another in order to create depth.  The image First Layer: Simple Bilateral Mastectomy [unfinished] is a dividing cancer cell which will be framed an inch in front of the Second Layer: [...]

Progress: Failed Poems Project, Day 1

First day…. It was tough to just get everything together.  I was able to put together 4 boxes. It took all day.  I realize that I am going to have write something for the inside of the boxes.  I also thought of dropping a clear piece of plexi through the middle of the box, perpendicular [...]

Boxes of Failed Poems

Is Cancer a failed poem?