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The Cycle of the Seasons

Well that was a lot of words! I have completed the lyrics to the “4 Seasons.” They may not be perfect, but nothing ever is… The seasons became more about relationships as a continuous cycle and yet even as a cycle I can see it as a straight line over the course of a romantic relationship.  I have written most of the music for the choir… well, I still have half of Fall and half of Winter to write… but now that the words are done, I know what colors I have to paint with and guide the notes and color them with the accompany the choir.  I am looking forward to this upcoming weekend where I hope to get all the music written… then I will have to work on the dynamics and slurs and tempo markings and all other accents… etc.  SO without further ado here are the words for the seasons:

Vernal  – Spring –Renewal/Regret -F major


In whispered quiet the gentle green growth waits

Breaks forth to life like souls to Heaven’s gate

Renew life from winter’s cold, dark embrace

Bring us to hope and light without a trace

Sparkling dew drips down the driving grass stems

We will take this moment to make amends

Light breathes with great urgency to arrive

We move towards the fresh air of our new life

New life begins what nature has ended

Renewal of old life represented

Cast away the skulking ghosts of the past

Failing to forget the present cannot last

Taking this, the gift of hope we now own

Forgotten are the frigid winds that blow

When the earth is browned and dormant sleep

The breath of love we shall forever keep

Estival – Summer-Comfort/Consequence – D major


The complicated arid air you bring

Brings forth the birds, who open up and sing

The lasting days of light thought of it best

Though the young birds fly away from our nest

Transfixed upon the lasting days

The bright blue sky and forgotten grays

The heat of the midday sun’s baking beams

Daylight reminds us of gifts we receive

Believe that all is well with all things here

That with the blinding heat and sultry cheer

Comes browning grasses and the creeping roots

Weeds break loose from the ground with quick sharp shoots

We look towards the moments we’ll receive

When at last we can count on the relief

Of the glow of warm summer night’s sleep

The warmth of love we shall forever keep

Autumnal – Autumn- Splendor/Suffering – E minor


The returns of labor bring forth reward

Soil gives bounty of summer’s board

The birds we hear gathering close in fall

Remind us that time draws upon us all

Flourish the colors in the air we breathe

Completing the words we cannot conceive

And although the cool air brings with it storms

The trees bring forth red, yellow, and orange

Autumn sadness grips us with firm regret

For rewards of time and the gifts unspent

Moving forward and leaving the rest behind

We persist with open hearts and minds

Infuse passion in the hope we carry

Even our life finds it necessary

And long at last the trees sigh once to sleep

The hope of love we shall forever keep

Hibernal – Winter- Completion/Contemplation – D minor


Although the distant landscape has grown bare

It is in shelters of warmth we now share

Sparkling dew replaced by sparkling snow

It is in sharing space our love now grows

As we shut our eyes to the distant wind

Carry us away and let our souls blend

Although darkness creeps into our lives

We shall see the glow in each other’s eyes

The light we cling to, reminds us of spring

Light, illuminating everything

And we know we may never return there

Memories of our journey we shall share

Even surrounded by death, our hope persists

It is in our hoping we know it exists

Though we try to keep our eyelids from sleep

The gift of love we shall forever keep

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