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Bright Spot:

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Bright Spot cover art

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Intro (1m00s)

Prelude—Sunset (6m33s)

Part 1—Reset (10m43s)

Part 2—Progress (13m45s)

Part 3—Longing (10m36s)

Postlude—Sunrise (10m01s)

Outro (1m00s)

Download Entire “Bright Spot ” here (64.1 mb)

Tartuffe Soundtrack 1997, Recorded 2010:

Profile from 1997 Trinity Production of "Tartuffe"

Progam profile picture from the 1997 Trinity Production of "Tartuffe"

While attending Trinity Christian College I wrote the soundtrack to the student theater production of “Tartuffe” in April 1997, Directed by Ken DeWyn. It is really great to revisit works that I have done over the years… now totaling over 250 pieces… Most of them are junk, but there are a few good things in there. This soundtrack would be one of them, I started writing music using FINALE in 1993. Using my ROLAND MT-32, which you will hear exclusively in the soundtrack. During the performance I hooked my computer and synth to the sound system and played the MIDI file “live.”

Set in the Baroque period I can’t say I like the use of the “Recorder” synth sound that I thought of as being “Clarinets” or “Oboes,” however the Organ and Harpsichord has a pretty good sound on the MT-32.

While recording these pieces, I had many “what was I thinking” moments… But I realize that is where I was in my development and it serves as a great reference to where I was and where I am going. We learn so much by where we’ve been…

Tartuffe Soundtrack – April 1997:

Opening – {Prelude}
2 minute warning

Intro to Act 1

Act 1 to 2 

Act 2 to 3

End of Act 3 to Intermission

Intro to Act 4

Act 4 Scene 4 to 5

Act 4 to 5


Curtain Call

Allerton project 2009:

The Allerton Project is a 3 movement piece that is intended to be played at Robert Allerton Park in order: (Clouds, Wind, and Sun) with a personal mp3 player in an open field.  Feel free to download and try it out, find an open field, set up a blanket, and relax with headphones.  The main theme is based on an a midi piece that I originally wrote for my wife when we first started dating.

You can listen to the MIDI File here. -Be sure to turn up your SYNTH volume on your computer or you will not be able to hear the MIDI file.


© 2009 SvenMusic

Clouds [8m10s, 9.36 mb]

Wind [8m45, 10.00 mb]

Sun [8m42s, 9.96 mb]

Horror Project Soundtrack:

©2007 SvenMusic

Video “Sleep.” [added 9/16/07]