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All Photos by Eric Frahm ©2010

Clark Bar December 15th, 2010




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-One More Moment (4m38s)lyrics

The idea for the song One More Moment actually came to me while I was watching a television program one night.  On the show, there was this gal who had just been diagnosed with cancer and she was saying aloud the longing of her heart to have one more moment with the love of her life.  Having friends in this same place of uncertainty and having lived through the loss of people I have loved, who loved me in return unconditionally, this song really hits home in many ways for me.


Performed Live at The Clark Bar 6/2/2010

-Will You Love Me? (5m04s) - lyrics

Will You Love Me was written several years ago as I reflected on the hardships of life and love my cousin had experienced and was still experiencing.  During the past 2 years, this song began to take on new meaning to me personally as I was and am going through some difficult times in my own life.  I think we all have a desire and a need to freely be who we are created to be and to be loved for who we really are.


Performed Live at The Clark Bar 6/2/2010

Paige Luebchow at Boneyard Arts Festival 2010 in Sidney, IL



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September 2011:

September 23rd, 6-9pm Jim Gould (Patio, weather permitting) with pianist Chip Stephens


Jim Gould

Ste 101, 1 E Main St
Champaign, IL 61820-3655

(217) 531-1177



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